CERE'06 logo The Fourth International Workshop on Comparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
September 11, 2006

Held in conjunction with the
14th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering (RE'06).
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Following the success of the previous three International Workshops on Comparative Evaluation in Requirements Engineering (CERE), we are pleased to announce the fourth International Workshop, CERE'06, to build on the progress made so far. This year we will focus on the relationships and integration of theory, methods and practice in RE.

The need to assess the effectiveness and impact of RE research has been a growing concern within the RE community. One of the symptoms of this concern has been the interest shown at the 2003-2005 CERE workshops. These workshops have investigated the foundations of RE assessment and have shown that RE is now mature enough that the community can begin to make detailed comparative evaluations of alternative techniques. In this CERE workshop we will broaden the mission of previous workshops by explicitly considering the role of theory in comparative evaluation in addition to CERE's traditional themes of RE research methods and validation, the role of comparative evaluation in RE, and results of empirical studies and comparative evaluations of RE techniques, methods and tools. This workshop will aim to develop a deeper understanding of the state of theory in RE, the different types of theory currently available, how those theories can be used to guide evaluation, what refinements or new theories are needed to provide a more comprehensive framework for comparative evaluation in RE, as well as analyzing results of applying theory in comparative evaluations of RE techniques, method, and tools.

At CERE'06, there will be presentations of results from current research and discussion of next steps. To this end, we are seeking position papers and technical papers along the themes of the workshop.