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Recently Italian universities have been trying to establish effective evaluation procedures for both teaching and research activities. Almost all of them (including the University of Pisa) have set up "evaluation teams" to coordinate such efforts. Within this framework, the Dipartimento di Informatica (computer science department) of Pisa has created a committee to study research evaluation procedures tailored to the needs of the department. After some discussion, the committee suggested to perform an evaluation exercise focused on a two-day public workshop, which took place on July 8-9, 1999. The event consisted in presentations by various research groups of the department and discussions with a group of reviewers. A detailed report was eventually prepared by them.

The evaluation team of the University of Pisa includes:

The committee set up by the Dipartimento di Informatica includes:

While the majority of the research funding of the department is presently acquired from international or national projects, some of the money and most of the human resources are actually assigned locally by the department board. Thus the main aim of the exercise was to gather competent evaluations on which to base well informed decisions. The evaluation was also intended as an opportunity for a broad discussion about future and challenging research directions.

The evaluation exercise started with a call for proposals. Fourteen of them were submitted. The proposals describe the present relevant research activities, the short term plans with the expected results, and the research scenarios up to four years.

Five reviewers of recognized expertise have been selected and invited by the evaluation team of the University of Pisa (not the department). They are:

The reviewers were asked to compare the proposals not among them, but with respect to the international studies in their respective areas, and to evaluate current activities mainly as part of future plans. The report they prepared consists of overall remarks and suggestions about the general orientation of the research in the department, and of comments and recommandations about the specific proposals.

The evaluation exercise has been organized with the partial support of a special grant by the University of Pisa and with the help of Francesca Bernardini, Dario Besseghini, Rita Cantini and Letizia Petrellese of the Dipartimento di Informatica.

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