Call for Papers: INOC 2009 Conference Special Issue

A special issue of Networks, to be edited by Luis Gouveia, CIO, Universidade de Lisboa, and Maria Grazia Scutellà, Università di Pisa, will be devoted to research presented at the International Network Optimization Conference INOC 2009 (held April 26-29 in Pisa, Italy).
A collection of expanded full papers will be selected, based on their originality and scientific methodological relevance. Please note that papers selected for this special issue must follow the high publication standards required by the journal Networks.

In order to submit a paper, please send the corresponding pdf file to Luis Gouveia or Maria Grazia Scutellà (or both), and clearly specify "INOC 2009 submission" in the subject line. The deadline for paper submission is July 31, 2009. The review process will be started only after this date.

Maria Grazia Scutellà

Conference Chair