TGC 2011 Program

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September 9
09:00 10:00 INVITED TALK: Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini
Title: A reputation system for multirole sessions
  10:00 10:30   Coffee Break
  Session on: Games and probability
  10:30 11:00   Joaquim Gabarro, Maria Serna and Alan Stewart.
        Orchestrating unreliable services: strategic and 
        probabilistic approaches to reliability
  11:00 11:30   Marco Bernardo.
        Weak Markovian Bisimulation Congruences and Exact CTMC-Level
        Aggregations for Sequential Processes
  11:30 12:00    Carme Alvarez, Amalia Duch, Maria Serna and Dimitrios Thilikos.
        On the existence of Pure Nash Equilibria in Strategic Search Games
  12:00 14:00   Lunch
14:00 15:30 INVITED TALK: Matthias Hoelzl and Bernd Werther
Title: Adaptation and Awareness in Ensembles
Title: E-Mobility as a Challenge for New ICT Solutions in the Car Industry
  15:30 16:00   Liqun Chen, Ming-Feng Lee and Bogdan Warinshi.
        Security of the Enhanced TCG Privacy-CA Solution
  16:00 16:30   Coffee Break
  Session on: Information flow
  16:30 17:00   Chenyi Zhang.
        Unwinding Theorems for Conditional Information Flow Policies
  17:00 17:30   Gilles Barthe and Exequiel Rivas.
        Static enforcement of information flow policies for a concurrent 
        object-oriented language
September 10      
09:00 10:00 INVITED TALK: Kohei Honda
Title: Asynchronous Distributed Monitoring for Multiparty Session Enfor-cement
  10:00 10:30   Coffee Break
  Session on: Orchestration, Exception, Transaction
  10:30 11:00   Rocco De Nicola, Andrea Margheri and Francesco Tiezzi.
        Orchestrating Tuple-based Languages
  11:00 11:30   Hernan Melgratti and Christian Roldan.
        On correlation sets and correlation exceptions in ActiveBPEL
  11:30 12:00   Dominic Duggan and Ye Wu.
        Transactional Correctness for Secure Nested Transactions
  12:00 14:00   Lunch
14:00 15:00 INVITED TALK: Michele Bugliesi
Title: Resource Logics for Type-Based Authorization in Distributed Systems
  Session on: Contracts, Composition
  15:00 15:30   Maria Grazia Buscemi, Mario Coppo, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini
        and Ugo Montanari.
        Constraints for Service Contracts
  15:30 16:00   Liliana D'Errico and Michele Loreti.
        Compositional specification of distributed systems
  16:00 16:30   Coffee Break