About Pisa

The city:
Pisa is a very small city (about 100,000 people live here) in the Tuscany region in Italy. It has a medieval historical center, and everything you will need, or want, to go to (conference center, hotels, university, center of town, leaning tower) is within walking distance to everything else. These images of Pisa may give you an idea of the athmosphere of the town, and this map will help you find your way around. Other information about Pisa can be found here and here.

How to reach it:
Pisa is easily reachable by any mean you may choose (plane, train, car). Here you may find more details about this issue.

Its hotels:
There are many hotels in Pisa. Some are closer to the conference center, but others have a view of the leaning tower. However, the farthest hotel is just 10 minutes away. To book your accomodation for your stay in Pisa, use the registration/hotel form. You can specify a hotel category and our travel agency will select an appropriate hotel from that category for you.

Its university:
Beside its leaning tower, Pisa is also well known for its university, which has been founded in 1334 and has now more than 20,000 students. You are welcome to come and visit our Computer Science department, which is one of the largest in Italy.

Climate and entertainment:
Life in Pisa is very pleasant: the city is safe and the wheater is usually very mild. During your stay you may enjoy its bars and restaurants, or also go to the movies, although they all are in italian.

Last modified: Fri Dec 19 1997