List of CP98 accepted papers

A Tableau Based Constraint Solving Toolkit for Interactive Graphical Applications
Kim Marriott, Sitt Sen Chok, Alan Finlay

A unified framework for interval constraints and interval arithmetic
T.J. Hickey, M.H. van Emden, H. Wu

Global Constraints for Partials CSPs: A Case-Study of Resource and Due Date Constraints
Philippe Baptiste, Claude Le Pape

SALSA: a language for search algorithms
F. Laburthe, Y. Caseau

A Generic Model and Hybrid Algorithm for Hoist Scheduling Problems
Robert Rodosek and Mark Wallace

Using Constraint Programming and Local Search Methods to Solve Vehicle Routing Problems
Paul Shaw

Fuzzifying the Constraint Hierarchies Framework
R. W. L. Kam and J. H. M. Lee

Constraint Representation for Propagation
Warwick Harvey and Peter J. Stuckey

Early Projection in CLP(R)
Andreas Fordan, Roland Yap

A Note on Partial Consistencies over Continuous Domains
Helene Collavizza, Francois Delobel, Michel Rueher

Optimized Q-pivot for exact linear solvers
David-Olivier Azulay, Jean-Francois Pique

Stable Solutions for Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Richard J. Wallace and Eugene C. Freuder

Suggestion Strategies for Constraint-Based Matchmaker Agents
Eugene C. Freuder and Richard J. Wallace

Error-Correcting Source Code
Yasuhiro Ajiro, Kazunori Ueda, Kenta Cho

Compiling Semiring-based Constraints with clp(FD,S)
Yan Georget, Philippe Codognet

Consistency Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations
Yves Deville, Micha Janssens, Pascal Van Hentenryck

Linear concurrent constraint programming over reals.
Vincent Schachter

Random Constraint Satisfaction: theory meets practice
Ewan MacIntyre, Patrick Prosser, Barbara Smith, and Toby Walsh

Constraint-based Problem Decomposition for a Key Configuration Problem
Ulrich Junker

Anytime Lower Bounds for Constraint Violation Minimization Problems
Bertrand Cabon, Simon de Givry, Gerard Verfaillie

Non-systematic Search and Learning: An empirical study
E Thomas Richards and Barry Richards

On Completion of Constraint Handling Rules
Slim Abdennadher and Thom Fruehwirth

Constraint Techniques for Solving the Protein Structure Prediction Problem
Rolf Backofen

Constraints for Object Recognition in Aerial Images - Handling of Unobserved Features
Thomas H. Kolbe

A Polynomial Time Local Propagation Algorithm for General Dataflow Constraint Problems
Gilles Trombettoni

Combining Topological and Qualitative Size Constraints for Spatial Reasoning
Alfonso Gerevini and Jochen Renz

Using Graph Decomposition for Solving Continuous CSPs
Christian Bliek, Bertrand Neveu, Gilles Trombettoni

Safe Datalog Queries with Linear Constraints.
Peter Revesz

Introducing External Functions in Constraint Query Languages
Barbara Catania, Alberto Belussi, Elisa Bertino

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