CP98: Distances in Pisa

It is safe to say that everything in the center of Pisa is within walking-distance from everything else. Both the suggested hotels and the conference center are in the center of town.

The only place you will probably use which is not in the center is the airport, which however is just 5 minute away by car. Although there are buses (and trains!) going back and forth between town and airport, at arrival the best thing for you to reach your hotel is probably to get on a taxi, which will cost you about LIT. 15,000.

After that, you will probably be moving on your feet until departure. Here is a table of approximate distances (in minutes of walk) from the hotels to the Congress Center and the Computer Science Department (in case you want to go and visit some of us).

HotelCong. CenterCS Dept.
Jolly Hotel Cavalieri 15 min7 min
Hotel Duomo 25 min12 min
Hotel D'Azeglio 15 min5 min
Hotel Kinzica 25 min12 min
Hotel Verdi 7 min7 min
Hotel Minerva 7 min7 min
Hotel Royal Victoria 15 min2 min
Hotel La Pace 15 min5 min
Hotel Ariston 25 min12 min
Hotel Cecile 20 min15 min

Thus, the hotels Verdi and Minerva are those closest to the conference site. On the other hand, the hotels Duomo, Kinzica, Ariston, and Cecile have a view on the leaning tower.