CP98: Images of Pisa

Pisa is mostly known for its leaning tower. However, as you may see from the left sides of this picture, there are other nice things in ``Miracles' Square''.

Here is a complete aeral view of ``Miracles' Square'', with the baptistery (the round building), the dome (the biggest contruction in the square), and of course the tower.

As this skyline view of Pisa shows, the tower is very close to the historical center of the city.

The top left picture shows ``La Cittadella'', while the bottom picture is the ``Scuola Normale Superiore''. The top right picture shows the Miracles' square from an original angle (the baptistery side), the middle picture shows the river Arno, and the bottom picture gives an idea of Pisa by night.

The following three links take you to three videos about Pisa that really make you feel like you are already there: