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After your submission, you will see on your screen a file containing the details of your registration. You should then print this file, add your credit card number and signature if you are paying by credit card, and fax it to ``Norci Viaggi'' (Corso Italia 51 - 56125 Pisa, Italia), to the attention of Mrs. Francesca Marras. FAX NUMBER: +39 050 502466.

ATTENTION: without the fax your registration and hotel accomodation cannot be considered!

Later on, you will receive a message from us acknowledging your registration, and also a fax from the travel agency telling you which hotel has been booked for your stay in Pisa.

Last name:
First name:
Dietary restrictions: vegetarian
(check this item if you would like vegetarian food)

Conference and workshop Fees

Aafter August 30
Regular Conference Registration 750 000 ITL
Student Conference Registration 600 000 ITL
(only) Workshop registration 80 000 ITL

The regular fee includes: proceedings, lunches, coffee breaks, excursion, conference dinner, workshop participation. The student fee includes all the above except the conference dinner. Please check the appropriate amount for the conference registration.

The workshop fee has to be paid only by those wanting to attend one or more workshops and NOT registering for the main conference. It includes participation to all workshops, lunch and coffee breaks on Friday, October 30.

Please be sure to select the correct item from the above table!

Satellite Workshop Registration

Please tell us which workshop(s) you want to attend.
W1 (Modeling and computing with Concurrent Constraint Programming):
W2 (Large Scale Combinatorial Optimisation and Constraints):
W3 (Constraint Problem Reformulation):
W4 (Second Workshop on Constraints in Bioinformatics/Biocomputing):
W5 (Set Constraints and Constraint-based Program Analysis):

Additional tickets

unitary price
total price
Banquet tickets: 100 000 ITL D
Lunch tickets: 30 000 ITL E
Total ammount of lunch and banquet tickets: F=D+E

Total Fees:



Hotel reservation

If you want to reserve a room, please check the relevant category and the type of room you would like. Rates quoted are per room per night and include taxes and breakfast.

IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee room availability for hotel reservations received after September 15.
no room reservation room type
single room double room, possibly with:
Hotel category ** 100 000 ITL 110000 ITL
*** 105/130 000 ITL 130/160 000 ITL
**** 170/205 000 ITL 225/290 000 ITL

Date of arrival: Date of departure:

Payment method

You can pay only by credit card. If you asked for a hotel room, your credit card number will be used as your guarantee. You will be charged the following amount:

Grand Total (fees):



Visa American Express Mastercard

card holder's name:
expiration date:
You will write your card number in the printed form that you will fax to the travel agency.

IMPORTANT: Due to advanced financial committments, refunds requested after September 15, 1998 cannot be guaranteed.

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Last modified: Friday, July 3rd, 1998