CP98: Travel Information

Pisa is easily reachable by:

- Air:
Daily flights connect Pisa Galilei international airport with several important national airports (e.g. Milan, Rome), as well as with Frankfurt, London, Munich, and Paris. Also, Florence international airport is just an hour away by train and provides direct connections to Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Dusseldorf, and others. Pisa airport is only 5 minutes away from town. The best way to travel from the airport to your hotel is by taxi (costs around LIT 15,000).
- Train:
Pisa railway station provides frequent direct connections with many Italian destinations, including Genua, Florence, Rome and Turin.
- Road:
Pisa lies at the centre of a large network of roads and motorways, including the A11 motorway (from Florence) the A12 (from Genua) and the A15 (from Parma and Milan).