Miscellaneous Information

Electrical Power and Plugs

Electrical power in Italy is 220V, 50Hz.
Check that your equipment is suited to this voltage, or have a voltage adapter at hand.

You can find wall sockets of the M, F and C types of those described at this link.

Plug C is ungrounded and has two round prongs. It can be used in most of the countries in continental Europe, and it is also widely used in South Africa. This plug can be used with M-type sockets.
Plug M is similar to C except it has the addition of a center grounding pin. This is primarily used in Italy.

(In case you find two versions of this plug, you need the smaller one, which is the same size of the C type and is used for appliances below 2000W)

Plug F is similar to C except it is round and has the addition of two grounding clips on the side of the plug. This is refered to as "Schuko" style and is used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

(The two prongs are actually larger than those of the C and M plugs, so this plug doesn't fit C and M sockets. F sockets however are easily found in offices and conference rooms, and you can buy a cheap plug adapter in case you need it)

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