Hotel reservation

You can reserve hotel rooms using our service. Complete this form, print it, and send it by FAX to the number on the form (NORCI Viaggi). People from NORCI will provide to book you a room, and to send you confirm message.

You can chose either 3 star of 4 star hotels. The ranges of the prices are shown in the form page.

You will be asked to provide Credit Card data on the FAX. This is needed to have a one night deposit guarantee. The one night deposit will be only used as a guarantee of the room reservation and the card will be charged only in case of no show. All the expenses should be payed directly to the hotel.

Please reserve your rooms ASAP. August and September are crowded months in Pisa and we risk to have to use hotels outside Pisa if you don't reserve rooms early (by mid june)

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Last modified: Thu Nov 27 17:48:42 CET 2003