High performance multimedia

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In the recent years multimedia technology has emerged as a key technology, mainly because of its ability to represent information in disparate forms as a bit-stream. This enables everything from text, image to video and sound to be stored, processed, indexed, retrieved, and delivered in digital form. A significant part of the current research community effort has emphasized the delivery of the data as an important issue of multimedia technology. However, the creation, processing, and management of multimedia forms are the issues most likely to dominate the scientific interest in the long run. The aim to deal with information coming from multimedia sources already results in a data explosion. This requirement to store, process, and manage large data sets naturally leads to the consideration of programmable parallel processing systems as strong candidates in supporting and enabling multimedia technology. Therefore, this fact taken together with the inherent data parallelism in these data types makes multimedia computing a natural application area for parallel processing. Furthermore, the indexing and retrieval of multimedia data includes time-consuming algorithms, thus high-performance architectures and algorithms are necessary in order to allow the application of multimedia databases and archives in real-world scenarios. Traditional parallel processing concepts have to be adapted to the large volume of multimedia data, so a number of interesting topics regarding scheduling, workload balancing, QoS and other resource management issues arise. In addition to this, parallel and distributed algorithms/architectures offer a starting point for development of grid-enabled multimedia applications and a background infrastructure for mobile multimedia. Finally, the adaptation of parallel and distributed algorithms in multimedia systems and the performance evaluation of implemented systems are interesting topics to be studied.

Global Chair:
Prof. Dr. Odej Kao
Department of Computer Science
University of Paderborn
Fuerstenallee 11, F2.101/F0.339
33102 Paderborn, Germany

Vice Chair:
Prof. Dr. Anreas Uhl
Department of Scientific Computing
University of Salzburg

Vice Chair:
Prof. Subramania Sudharsanan
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario Canada

Local Chair:
Prof. Harald Kosch
Institute of Information Technology
University Klagenfurt, Austria

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