Mobile computing

Topic 15


The rapid growth of small, portable and powerful computing devices alongwith wireless, mobile and sensor communication technologies offers tremendous opportunities for wireless networking and mobile/pervasive computing applications and services. Topic 15 on Mobile Computing at Euro-Par 2004 will deal with cutting-edge research in various aspects of mobile computing systems including architectures, algorithms, networks, protocols, applications, services, and so on. The aim is to bring together computer scientists and engineers from academics and industry working in these exciting areas, and share their ideas and results with their peers. Specific topics include, but not limited to,

Global Chair:
Prof. Sajal K. Das
Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking (CReWMaN)
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, Texas, USATBA

Vice Chair:
Jiannong Cao
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Vice Chair:
Jie Wu
Florida Atlantic University

Local Chair:
Prof. Gianluigi Ferrari
Dipartimento di Informatica
Universitá di Pisa - Italy

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