Grid and cluster computing

Topic 6


Grid computing is a major research area with strong involvement from both academia and the computing industry. It has become an important method for a wide range of different application areas Although significant progress has already been made in the deployment of grid infrastructures, many challenges still lie ahead before the goal of user-friendly and efficient Grids can be realized. The research issues cover many areas of computer science, ranging from fundamental problems (imposed by the sheer size of a Grid) over software engineering problems (due to the inherent complexity) to technical issues (resulting from the heterogeneity of the various Grid components). Further, many Grid applications require the consideration of constraints specific to these applications. Therefore, research on Grid technology will greatly benefit from interactions with related areas of Computer Science, making Euro-Par an excellent platform to discuss such research issues.

Global Chair:
Dr. Thierry Priol
Rennes, France

Vice Chair:
Dr. Craig Lee
The Aerospace Corp.
El Segundo, USA

Vice Chair:
Prof. Uwe Schwiegelshohn University Dortmund
Dortmund, Germany

Local Chair: Diego Puppin
PISA Italy

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