Application on high performance computers

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Numerically intensive computing, such as large-scale simulations for scientific and engineering applications, requires sophisticated usage of high performance parallel computers. The increase of availability, scalability and efficiency of PC clusters has led to increased interest in clusters and also in possible application in industry, business, and management. The recent development of middleware tools makes it possible to use computational or data grids to solve the largest classes of problems with requirements for highly heterogeneous computer resources. This topic aims at the progress, implementation and lessons learned from the development and use of real industrial, engineering, scientific, and commercial applications on parallel/distributed computing systems including computational and data grids with special interest given to multidisciplinary applications. Papers describing the experience of porting industrial codes as well as the presentation of new applications developed for modern computational parallel/distributed environments are welcome. Interest will be focused on performance issues.

Global Chair:
Prof. Jack Dongarra
Computer Science Department
1122 Volunteer Blvd
Knoxville, Tennessee, US

Vice Chair:
Prof. David W. Walker
Department of Computer Science
University of Wales Cardiff
P O Box 916,
Cardiff, Wales, CF24 3XF
United Kingdom

Vice Chair:
Prof. Peter Arbenz
Institute of Computational Science
HRS G 27
Hirschengraben 84
8092 Zürich

Local Chair:
Rolf Hempel
Co-Leader Simulation und Software Technology
German Aerospace Center DLR
51147 Cologne, Germany

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