FUN 2001 call for papers

Call for Papers

2nd International Conference on

FUN with Algorithms (FUN 2001)

Isola d'Elba, Italy, May 29-31, 2001

Marcio Melo for FUN

... pleasure has probably been the main goal all along. But I hesitate to admit it,
because computer scientists want to maintain their image as hard-working individuals
who deserve high salaries. Sooner or later society will realise that certain kinds of hard
work are in fact admirable even though they are more fun than just about anything else. (D.E. Knuth)

This is the second conference dedicated to the use, design, and analysis of algorithms and data structures, focusing on results that provide amusing, witty but nonetheless original and scientifically profound contributions to the area.


FUN with approximation algorithms FUN with biological algorithms
FUN with combinatorial algorithms FUN with distributed algorithms
FUN with evolutionary algorithms FUN with geometrical algorithms
FUN with mobile algorithms FUN with network algorithms
FUN with optimization algorithms FUN with parallel algorithms
FUN with randomized algorithms FUN with web algorithms

The conference will take place once again in a seashore resort of Isola d'Elba, famous for its white sand, deep blue sea, and fascinating nature.

Authors should send an extended abstract of at most 12 pages.
E-mail submissions (postscript) are encouraged and should be sent to:
Hard copy submissions (5 copies) are also acceptable and should be sent to:
Linda Pagli, Dipartimento di Informatica,
Corso Italia 40, 56125 PISA, Italy

All accepted papers are expected to be presented at the workshop and will appear in the proceedings of the conference, published by Carlenton Scientific.

Jean-Claude Bermond (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France)
Pierluigi Crescenzi (Firenze U., Italy)
Frank Dehne (Carleton U., Canada)
Paolo Ferragina (Pisa U., Italy)
Michele Flammini (L'Aquila U., Italy)
Paola Flocchini (Ottawa U., Canada)
Roberto Grossi (Pisa U., Italy)
Danny Krizanc (Wesleyan U., USA)
Elena Lodi (Siena U., Italy), Co-chair
Linda Pagli (Pisa U., Italy), Co-chair
David Peleg (Weizmann Inst., Israel)
Andrea Pietracaprina (Padova U., Italy)
Geppino Pucci (Padova U., Italy)
Luca Trevisan (Columbia U., USA)
Serjo Rajsbaum (U.N.A.M., Mexico) rajsbaum@{}
Antonio Restivo (Palermo U., Italy)
Nicola Santoro (Carleton U., Canada), Co-chair
Ugo Vaccaro (Salerno U., Italy)
Sebastiano Vigna (Milano U., Italy)
Tandy Warnow (U. Texas Austin, USA)

Bernard Chazelle (Princeton U., USA)
Maurice Herlihy (Brown U., USA)
Fabrizio Luccio (Pisa, U., Italy )
Christos Papadimitriou (UC Berkeley, USA)
Ian Parberry (North Texas U., USA)