FUN 2014 Accepted Papers

Michael Brand. No easy puzzles: A hardness result for jigsaw puzzles
Bang Ye Wu. Finding centers and medians of a tree by distance queries
Vladimir Deineko and Gerhard Woeginger. The shoelace TSP: the case of very old shoes
Minghui Jiang, Pedro J. Tejada and Haitao Wang. Quell
Jannik Dreier, Hugo Jonker and Pascal Lafourcade. Secure Auctions Without Cryptography
Giovanni Viglietta. Lemmings Is PSPACE-Complete
Konstantinos Georgiou, Evangelos Kranakis and Danny Krizanc. Excuse Me! or The Courteous Theatregoers' Problem
Greg Aloupis, Erik Demaine, Alan Guo and Giovanni Viglietta. Classic Nintendo Games are (Computationally) Hard
Erik Demaine, Fermi Ma and Erik Waingarten. Playing Dominoes is Hard, Except by Yourself
Tillmann Miltzow, Andrei Asinowski and Balazs Keszegh. Counting One-sided Exchange Stable Matchings
Joe Sawada and Aaron Williams. The Harassed Waitress Problem
Muhammad Jawaherul Alam, Stephen Kobourov, Sergey Pupyrev and Jackson Toeniskoetter. Happy Edges: Threshold-Coloring of Regular Lattices
Katsuhisa Yamanaka, Erik D. Demaine, Takehiro Ito, Jun Kawahara, Masashi Kiyomi, Yoshio Okamoto, Toshiki Saitoh, Akira Suzuki, Kei Uchizawa and Takeaki Uno. Swapping Labeled Tokens on Graphs
Kazuya Haraguchi and Hirotaka Ono. Approximability of Latin Square Completion-Type Puzzles
Barbara Keller, David Peleg and Roger Wattenhofer. How Even Tiny Influence can have a Big Impact!
Takashi Horiyama, Masashi Kiyomi, Yoshio Okamoto, Ryuhei Uehara, Takeaki Uno, Yushi Uno and Yukiko Yamauchi. Sankaku-Tori: An Old Western-Japanese Game Played on a Point Set
Guillaume Fertin, Shahrad Jamshidi and Christian Komusiewicz. Towards an Algorithmic Guide to Spiral Galaxies
Sven Krumke, Florian Schwahn and Clemens Thielen. Being Negative Makes Life NP-hard (for Product Sellers)
Palash Dey, Prachi Goyal and Neeldhara Misra. UNO Gets Easier for a Single Player
Michele Borassi, Pierluigi Crescenzi, Michel Habib, Walter A. Kosters, Andrea Marino and Frank Takes. On the Solvability of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game - A Faster Graph Diameter and Radius Computation Method
Ferdinando Cicalese, Gennaro Cordasco, Luisa Gargano, Martin Milanic, Joseph Peters and Ugo Vaccaro. How to go Viral: Cheaply and Quickly
Rudolf Fleischer and Tao Zhang. Competitive Analysis of the Windfall Game
Christos Levcopoulos, Andrzej Lingas, Bengt Nilsson and Paweł Żyliński. Clearing connections by few agents
Péter Burcsi, Gabriele Fici, Zsuzsanna Liptak, Frank Ruskey and Joe Sawada. Normal, Abby Normal, Prefix Normal
Ke Chen and Adrian Dumitrescu. Nonconvex Cases for Carpenter's Rulers
Irina Kostitsyna, Maarten Löffler and Valentin Polishchuk. Optimizing Airspace Closure with respect to Politicians' Egos
Vincenzo Gervasi, Giuseppe Prencipe and Valerio Volpi. Zombie Swarms: An Investigation on the Behaviour of Your Undead Relatives
Shantanu Das, Paola Flocchini, Giuseppe Prencipe and Nicola Santoro. Synchronized Dancing of Oblivious Chameleons
Takaaki Mizuki and Hiroki Shizuya. Practical Card-Based Cryptography