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.. pleasure is probably been the main goal all along. But I hesitate
to admit it, because computer scientists want to maintain their image
of hard working individuals who deserve high salaries. Sooner or later
society will realise that certain kinds of hard work are in fact
admirable even though they are more fun than just about anything else.
(KNUTH D.E. The Stanford Graph Base. A Platform for Combinatorial Computing.)


This conference concerns, to a general extent, the use, design and analysis of algorithms and data structures, particularly seeking results that provide amusing, witty but nonetheless original and scientifically profound contributions to the area.


Fun with
combinatorial algorithms
randomized algorithms
parallel algorithms
distributed algorithms
geometrical algorithms
numerical algorithms
approximations algorithms

Conference Chairs

    Elena Lodi 
    University of Siena (Italy)
    Linda Pagli
    University of Pisa (Italy)
    Nicola Santoro
    Carleton University (Canada)

Program Committee

    Giorgio Ausiello 
    University of Rome (Italy)
    Shimon Even 
    Technion University (Israel)
    Zvi Galil 
    Columbia University (USA)
    Fabrizio Luccio
    University of Pisa (Italy)
    Jurg Nievergelt
    ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
    David Peleg
    Weizmann Institute (Israel)
    Kurt Mehlhorn
    MPI fur Informatik (Germany)
    Franco Preparata
    Brown University (USA)
    Arnold Rosenberg
    University of Massachusetts (USA)
All the members of the Program Committee are invited speakers in this conference.

Local Organizer

    Gabriele Lenzini 
    University of Pisa (Italy)

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