Web Services and .NET


Software Components

COM Classes and Servers

"client not dependent on implementation..."

Object Creation

Interfaces, Classes and Factories

COM Interfaces

COM pros/cons

History of Distributed Object Models

Remote Procedure Call




CORB Architecture

Interface Definition Language


"interfaces described using MIDL"

"COM client interacts with COM..."

DCOM Architecture

DCOM Overview

CORBA / COM interoperability

COM-CORBA Interoperation

CORBA and DCOM limitations

Quest for Net Objects

Web Computing

Beyond browsing

Classes of Use

Web Services

Web Service: Definitions

Web Services: Properties


Service-Oriented Architecture

Web Service Scenario

Web Service Architecture

Web Services Protocols

Infrastructure Elements


Sample SOAP request

Sample SOAP reply

Other .NET Wire-Protocols

Web Service Description Language

WSDL Structure

WSDL example

WSDL example

WSDL example

Building A Server

Building A Server

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Creating Web Service Clients

3. ASP.NET Client

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Using SOAP toolkit (no .NET)

Microsoft .NET

Commercial Offerings

Role of CLR


Processing inside SOAP Client

Server-side SOAP

Reflection in Web Services

Reflection: Apache SOAP

Meta Data

Use of Reflection

Template Metaprogramming

Programming Applications (C++)

C++ Serialization

C# Solution

Web Search Service

Dynamic Objects (.NET)

Two-way Web

Current Web Limitations

KnowNow Approach

2WWeb Application Architecture

HTML Renderer

Further Issues

Multiple stacks

Generic Event Notification Architecture

GENA Example

HTCPCP Subscription

Multistage Programming

Multistage Programming Techniques

Current SOAPs