The Grid Systems Simulator

This page contains links to the Grid Systems modelling and simulation tool developed by Suryana Setiawan as a part of his PhD thesis work.

Grid Systems is a formalism for modelling population dynamics that is inspired by the concepts of membrane computing (as in P systems) and spatiality dynamics (as in Cellular Automata).

The modelling and simulation tool basaed on Grid Systems can be downloaded from the link below, as well as the Setiawan's PhD thesis and the tool documentation for users.

  • PhD Thesis
    The PhD Thesis of Suryana Setiawan that describes the theory of Grid Systems, the modelling and simulation tool and some case studies
  • User documentation
    User documentation of the modelling and simulation tool.
  • Grid Systems Modelling and Simulation Tool

    The modelling and simulation tool based on Grid Systems. It has been implemented in Java, so it requires a recent version of the Java Runtime Environment to be installed.
    Installation instructions:

    By unzipping file two folders will be created: dist and dist/lib.
    - dist contains GridSystemEditor.jar;
    - dist/lib contains two other jar files (Java libraries that are used by the tool).
    Then, to run the tool from the command line, go to the dist folder and type the following:
    java -jar "GridSystemEditor.jar"
    Note: it might be necessarry to set the classpath with the libraries in dist/lib when 
    the libraries cannot be found.