Software and data

This web page distributes small software examples, mostly (but not exclusively) in C++, and the accompanying data, to illustrate the main issues regarding the (practical, software) development of Decision Support Systems (DSS) based on mathematical models.

In order to use these programs it may be necessary to download open-source optimization solvers from the web pages of the corresponding projects, such as MCFClass or COIN OR. All the codes are written to be as portable as possible (file/console input and output) and are provided with simple Unix makefiles; adapting them to other operating systems should be easy.

We distribute material pertaining to the following optimization problems:

Capacitated Warehouse Location

For this easy variant of location problem we distribute:

Linear Programming

A small set of largish LPs (with upwards to 105 variables) in .lp format to test the effectiveness of different LP algorithms (primal and dual simplex, barrier). Some of them are strongly network-structured, being Multicommodity Flow or Network Design problems, and therefore very sparse. Others are taken from the MIPLIB 2010 collection of Mixed-Integer LPs (but integrality of variables is removed). Warning: about 54 Mb (few problems, but largish ones).

Binary Knapsack

For this "easy difficult" combinatorial optimization problem we distribute:

Cutting Stock

For this standard packing problem we distribute: