Ph.D. Course on "Convex Analysis for Bounding and Cutting"

School of Graduate Studies G. Galilei

Claude Lemaréchal

Place: Dipartimento di Informatica, Univeresità di Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Date: May 7 - 18, 2007


Contact person: A. Frangioni


These lectures will present some topics of combinatorial optimization with the following objective: Our aim is to explain the theory underlying these topics, thereby getting a higher and more synthetic point of view. Generally speaking, this helps understand "what one is doing". Rather than the usual matrix-like language of linear programming, our concepts will therefore use a more geometric language: support functions, normal cones, convex hulls etc. The topics covered will essentially concern bounding. If time permits, cutting will also be tackled.

Part I: Lagrangian Relaxation and column generation, theory (4-5 lectures)

Part II: Lagrangian Relaxation and column generation, numerics (2-3 lectures)

Part III: Cuts and Disjunctive Programming (2-3 lectures)


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