Recent projects in which the group has been (is) involved

2015 - 2016 Research Project "Mathematical models and computational methods for complex networks" of the University of Pisa
2014 - 2017 PRIN 2012 Project Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization: Approaches and Applications"
2012 - 2017 COST Action TD1207 Mathematical Optimization in the Decision Support Systems for Efficient and Robust Energy Networks.
2012 - 2016 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) MINO: Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization
2012 - 2016 Gaspard Monge program for Optimization and Operations Research project Consistent Dual Signals and Optimal Primal Solutions
2011 - 2013 PRIN 2009 project "Integrated Approaches for Discrete and Non Linear Optimization"