The VerySimple01Problem Class

The VerySimple01Problem class is a simple code for solving the simplest problem in 0-1 variables. While this is hardly interesting, the class also "efficiently" enumerates any given subset of all the (2^n) solutions of the problem in objective function value order. This has a few possible applications, and it might be useful as a "blueprint" to someone in need to do the same (enumerate the solutions in objective function value order) for other combinatorial problems with appropriate structure, e.g. some path and matching problems. The ideas behind the approach are fairly extensively described in the interface.

The code can be downloaded from GitHub. It is provided free of charge under the "GNU Lesser General Public License", and it is provided "as is", without any explicit or implicit warranty that it will properly behave or it will suit you needs: see the license file in the distribution and the Reference Manual for all details of the rights and duties you have about this code.