2nd ROTOR Workshop

April 23-25, 2003
S. Croce in Fossabanda
Pisa, Italy

Preliminary programme

April 23
14:00 Opening
14:30 DRAYTON PeterKeyNote [video]
15:30 CARDELLI LucaInvited Talk Language extensions [PDF | video]
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 CISTERNINO AntonioEfficient metaprogramming support in Rotor [PPT | video]
17:30 WOESS AlbrechtCompiler Generation Tools for C# [PDF]
18:00 SRIKANT Y.N. Just-In-Time Compilation and Optimizations for ROTOR [PPT | video]
20:00 Dinner
April 24
9:00 DE JONG PeterInvited Talk: The History, Architecture, and Implementation of the CLR Serialization and Formatter classes [PPT | video]
10:00 Coffee break
Concurrency and Distribution
10:30 GÜNTENSPERGER RaphaelA new approach to remote object communication in C# [PPT | video]
11:00 ARSLAN Volkan
SCOOPLI for .NET: a library for concurrent object-oriented programming [PPS | video]
Languages and Programming
11:30 SAFONOV VladimirAspect.NET - a new approach to aspect-oriented programming and its implementation [video]
12:00 DALIBOR Fiala, SKALACitation Index with C#
12:30 NEPOMNIASCHY Valery A., ANUREEV I.S., PROMSKY A.V.C#-light language and its verification oriented formal semantics [video]
12:30 EMSELLEM DavidSoftware interactions [PPT | video]
13:00 Lunch
Graphics and Interaction
15:00 MILAN FrankC# and .NET interface for Visualization ToolKit [video]
15:30 HANAK IvoC# and .NET interface for OpenGL [video]
16:00 VOGELS WernerBenchmarking CLR for High Performance Computing [PDF | video]
16:30 Coffee break
17:30 Visit to the Leaning Tower
20:00 Dinner
April 25
9:00 VOGELS WernerPanel on Rotor (with CISTERNINO Antonio, STUTZ David, DRAYTON Peter) [video]
10:00 Coffee break
Concepts and Tools
10:30 MANNOCK Keith LeonardC#ide - a simple ide for C#
11:00 MIRZA YahyaInterpreted Execution Models for Rotor [video]
11:30 TRAN NanMana: Managed Assertion in the Rotor runtime [PPT | video]
12:00 VIGDORCHIK EvgenyExtending managed debugger with backstepping capabilities [PPT | video]
12:30 GREY DavidRotor-based degree programme [PPT | video]
13:00 End