Predefined identifiers

Type Identifiers

nullNull Type 
anyMost general Type 
noneLeast general Type 
boolBoolean Type 
intInteger Type 
realReal Type 
stringString Type 
->Function SpaceInfix
seqSequence TypePrefix
varModifiable TypePrefix
viewView TypeInfix


unknownunknown value
nilthe only value of type null
truelogic true
falselogic false


appendsequence append
avgnumber sequence average
blanksblanks output
caninputtest for input
countsequence length
emptyseqtest for empty sequence
explodestring explosion
explodeasciistring to ASCII conversion
firstsequence head
fstfirst element in a pair
getcharbuffered char input
getintbuffered integer input
getlinebuffered string input
getrealbuffered real input
implodestring implosion
implodeasciiASCII to string conversion
incharunbuffered char input
infileto redirect input stream
intofrealreal to int conversion
intofstringstring to integer conversion
isinsequence membership
isunknowntest for unknown
minnumber sequence minimum
maxnumber sequence maximum
newlineslines output
outfileto redirect output stream
printintinteger output
printrealreal output
printstringstring output
realofstringstring to real conversion
restsequence tail
reversesequence reverse
sndsecond element in a pair
sortsequence sorting
stringofintinteger tostring conversion
stringofrealreal to string conversion
sumnumber sequence total

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