GridICE GlueDomains HOWTO

This document illustrates how to join the GridICE GlueDomains experimental deployment: this will enable the publication of network characteristics from your domain to other domains already included in that experiment.

Something you should know about GlueDomains domains

The basic GlueDomains concept is to partition the Grid services into Domains, and to monitor only (and possibly all) inter-domain paths. The result of such monitoring activity are published using Globus MDS, and rendered through the GridICE toolset.

For these data to be useful, the domain administrator must ensure the following critical requirement:

Such requirement should fail, the internal infrastructure might fall into congestion, which will be visible at end-to-end level.

A generic domain contains two kinds of GlueDomains functionalities:

There is also a server, which contains a centralized description of the whole GlueDomains system, and is used mainly for configuration purposes.

You will probably want to setup one or more hosts running theodolites, and one infoprovider. The following steps should bring to a startup configuration of your GlueDomains domain:

  1. identify your domain and its borders (keeping into account the "requirement" above);
  2. allocate a host, adjacent to a border router, to support theodolites: a dedicated host is OK, but also a lightly loaded one may be appropriate (see Theodolite Support Installation);
  3. send to Augusto or to Alessandro an (human readable) email indicating the IP address (the FQHN is not of interest) of the host(s) that supports theodolite functionality. You will shortly receive a "welcome aboard" reply.
  4. allocate a host for infoprovider support: one privileged candidate is a GRIS. Also, theodolite support and infoprovider may coexist on the same host (see Infoprovider Support Installation);
  5. configure the host(s), using the guidelines in:
  6. complete the configuration with the information received with the "welcome aboard" reply.

The configuration can be tuned further. For instance the most common cases might be:

Augusto Ciuffoletti