Prototype set up and deployment

Currently, GlueDomains in deployed on about ten hosts, and is included in the GridICE Grid Management project.

The site in Bologna supports the GlueDomains database server, and tests are performed in a complete mesh.

The first official release came after (only) four testing releases, with no substantial rewriting required so far: mainly each new test release introduced new features.

The architecture has proven to be reasonably GMA-independent: from 1st to 2nd testing release we replaced a R-GMA plugin with a MDS oriented one, which publishes through the GridICE GMA.

The current distribution is RPM oriented and self-installing: to install a new monitoring host, the local administrator simply installes the required packages, and untars an archive containing a few sensible items, like database passwords.


Security issues in GlueDomains

Monitoring tools

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