The topology of the Grid: Connectivity

Summarizing some critical consequences:

  • the Network Monitoring topology depends on network performance. In fact if the basic assumption -- internal better than external -- fails, Network Monitoring returns partially invalid data;
  • the Characteristic (or metric) used to design the topology must be one, therefore valid for all applications (unless we want a topology for distributed computing, one for massive transfers, one for playback applications etc.);
  • the Characteristic used to design the topology should be static (like capacity), or change only in response to exceptional events (failures, reconfigurations);
  • internal paths should be monitored (not necessarily published), in order to detect the occurrence of exceptional events.

    Let's call Connectivity the metric choosen for designing the topology of Network Monitoring.

    Degrees of freedom in the choice of the Connectivity function:

  • it is not necessarily a distance (triangular inequality etc.);
  • it may be a-dimensional (dB);
  • it may be not relevant for applications, and possibly unpublished.

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