Theodolite management

Theodolite management is structured as a hierarchy of processes, rooted in the GlueDomains daemon.

The GlueDomains daemon spawns theodolite processes, each in charge of controlling the monitoring activity over an interface.

A binding interface-theodolite has been introduced, which is not implicit in the conceptual framework.

Each theodolite periodically checks its activity against database content, in order to synchronize its activity.

Each theodolite spawns session controllers, each controlling a specific monitoring session.

In case the session controller terminates, the theodolite re-spawns it, after reloading the description from the database and waiting an exponentially growing, randomly biased delay.

The session controller invokes a wrapper of the appropriate monitoring tool, which parses and redirects the output of the tool to the GMA plugin

Monitoring tools

GlueDomains database

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