nwsip.pl interface

We have written a simple perl script that implements the task of building a DIT starting from the information available in a NWS subsystem. (download)

Each invocation of the script creates a process that collects the data, generates the DIT, and terminates. A separate script is provided that implements a periodic invocation.

The name of the script is nwsip.pl, and recalls the fact that it corresponds to a information provider in the Globus MDS.

It is called from the command line giving two parameters:

Each run of the script generates a DIT that contains all available measures in the NWS subsystem.

The script tolerates sensor failures, as well as the modification for the NWS activities carried out by sensors.

The activation of a new sensor is detected and causes the failure of the script if the new sensor is not mapped to a "site" in the configuration file.

The script has been designed and tested on a Debian Linux platform. A user manual is available.

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WP7 meeting 24-1-2002