nwsip.pl internals

The script proceeds through a series of three kinds of queries, that correspond to the construction of the three levels of the DIT.

The nameserver responds with a DIT, whose content must be rephrased in order to comply with DATAGRID specifications.

  1. The nameserver is queried for the address of all available sensors: each sensor is mapped to a site using the correspondence stored in the configuration file, and the corresponding record is added to the first level of the DIT.
  2. For each sensor, the list of all data series collected by this sensor is requested. The script is presently configured to discard those produced by the monitoring of local resources (memory, CPU etc.). The others are grouped according to the peer site, and each monitored "peer" site is recorded in the second level of the DIT.
  3. For each data series obtained in the previous step, a new node is generated and appended below the appropriate site and peer site branch. The node contains the measure and the forecast for the metric, and may contain the indication of monitoring parameters (e.g. exchanged data size), when they deviate from the default.

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WP7 meeting 24-1-2002