Material for the Dagstuhl seminar on hierarchical memories

This page contains links and preliminary material. The list of topics is still tentative, but it may be useful because it's mostly made up of Web resources.
Joint work with by Kay Salzwedel, Florin Isaila, Martin Schmollinger and Massimo Coppola

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Links to specific papers

D. A. Hutchinson, P. Sanders, and J. S. Vitter. Duality Between Prefetching and Queued Writing with Parallel Disks. In 9th European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA), number 2161 in LNCS, pages 62-73. Springer, 2001.

P. Sanders. Reconciling Simplicity and Realism in Parallel Disk Models. In 12th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms, pages 67-76, Washington DC, 2001.

Rajeev Thakur, William Gropp, Ewing Lusk A Case for Using MPI's Derived Datatypes to Improve I/O Performance In Proceedings of SC98: High Performance Networking and Computing, November 1998. IEEE

Kay's bibliography BibTeX file

Topics and Web Resources


Hierarchical models for SMP clusters

HPCL at U. New Mexico Look at the SIMPLE and GBSN papers?

(Lawrence Livermore) SMP Clusters models. Still in the benchmarking phase?

APDCM Workshop Did anyone succeed in getting the papers?

SMP clusters programming

J. Dongarra Papers see libraries-tools1.pdf

QUID Cases studies of MPI+OpenMP programming

NPACI -SCAN OpenMP + MPI programming
(Nat. Partnership for Adv. Comput. Infrastructure)

IBM T.J. Watson Presentations about MPI, OpenMP, cache access problems.


I/O and out-of-core sequential libraries

TPIE of Vengroff et al. (Duke)

Leda-SM (MPI Saarbrücken)
Leda (Algorithmic Solutions)

Parallel I/O related Libraries

MPI 2 and MPI-IO standard
Parallel IO project (Lawrence Livermore Lab.)
ROMIO MPI-IO implementation

Panda (Illinois)

BSP and related

BSP worldwide
Carleton - BSP and CGM Algorithms (a lot of papers)
Oxford - Algorithms and Complexity research area

PUB BSP library (Paderborn)

Parallel out-of-core computation

To disks

VIC* of Thomas Cormen (Dartmouth)

To shared/remote memory

The Global Memory System (GMS) Project (Washington)

Shared memories links to Hw/Sw shared memories developed over the years.
Many expired links, of course.

Prefetching and caching
for file systems and shared memory
TIP - Transparent Informed Prefetching and Caching
(Carnegie Mellon)

Scalable IO (Princeton)
also linked to Zebra and Hartman's work

Papers about SHRIMP (Princeton)
Edward W. Felten (Princeton)


Conventional File System Techniques

External memory techniques in file systems
journalled file systems (IBM's JFS, GPFS, ReiserFS)

JFS (IBM journalled f.s.)


Networked File Systems

Sun's NFS,

NOW Research (Berkeley)
xFS (Berkeley)

John H. Hartman (Zebra, Gecko...)
Zebra review?

Parallel File Systems

(IBM's Vesta, Clusterfile at Karlsruhe)


PVFS (Clemson)

Armada (Darthmouth)
Galley Parallel File System (Dartmouth)


Distributed and Grid File Systems

Armada at Darmouth College

Fragipani (Digital)




RAID arrays

Linux-Software RAID

ISTORE Project (Berkeley) - comparison between different
software-raid versions

Heterogeneous RAID Approaches



Network Attached Devices

NASD (Carnegie Melon)


Storage Networks

RIO server


ISTORE Project (Berkeley) back-end servers
for storage-intensive network services

Unsorted Links


Laboratories of EEIC Engineering Department (Tokyo)
Masato Oguchi (remote caching on ATM Cluster)

Parallel I/O Archive at Darthmouth

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