Type of registration

CPM provides two types of registrations: full registration, and student registration. For the latter, the registrant must be a M.Sc. or a Ph.D. student and proof of enrollment at an accredited institution is required.


Early Registration (before May 10)Fee
Full€ 330,00
Student€ 230,00
Late Registration (May 11 - June 9)
Full€ 430,00
Student€ 330,00
On site Registration (after June 9, cash only!)
Full€ 530,00
Student€ 400,00

How to register

Please follow the following steps:

1) Download and fill the following textual form in all of its parts. Then email it to cpm08@di.unipi.it specifying in the subject of your email "Register to CPM".

2) Choose your method of payment for your (type of) registration.

If you wish to pay by CREDIT CARD, then FILL the following textual form in all of its parts, SIGN it, and then SCAN+EMAIL or FAX the signed document to the agent in charge of the Registration Process for CPM, namely NORCI Viaggi Srl (Pisa, Italy), at the fax number +39.050.502466, or at the email address norciviaggi@norciviaggi.it.

If, instead, you wish to pay by BANK TRANSFER please ensure that we receive your payment net of any costs induced by the (International) bank transfer. Then you can use the following coordinates of the agent, Norci Viaggi Srl (Pisa, Italy, phone +39.050.502424), which is in charge of managing the registration process:

REF: Please specify CPM08 + your name.

NORCI VIAGGI Srl, Via San Bernardo 35, 56125 Pisa, Italy
Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca-Pisa-Livorno
Agenzia 1 (Corso Italia 4, 56125 Pisa, Italy)
IBAN:    IT 18 V 06200 14021 000000140889

3) An official proof of student status must be attached to the FAX or to the EMAIL in order to qualify for the student fee.

Conference fees will not be reinbursed after April 30th, 2008. Additional tickets for the social dinner (60 euro) and/or the social event (30 euro), the visit of Piazza dei Miracoli, will be available at the registration desk but you need to add their cost to your registration fee.