Reach Pisa

Pisa is served by the local International airport, Galileo Galilei located 4km from downtown. You can reach the center of the city by bus or taxi cab (tipically 15 euro). We prepared a detailed map with all hotels and the conference site.

There are daily flights from most european hubs, New York, as well as several other european cities served by low-cost companies -- see e.g. a snapshot of today's arrivals. If you don't have a direct connection, you should be able to reach Pisa via Milan, Rome, London, Munchen, Paris, Frankfurt (Main), Brusselles (Charleroi) and New York.


For the rules to enter Italy, please check the Visa Pages from the official site of the Italian "Ministero degli Esteri". To check whether or not you need a visa, go to the Do you need a visa page (the category to look for is probably Tourism, but please double check with your an italian embassy/consulate near to you. There is no specific category for 'Attending to a Conference', and the 'Student' or 'Teacher' categories refer to an involvement with an educational or research institution in Italy).

In case you need, we can provide a standard letter to support your VISA application and describing the conference and your relation to it (e.g. author, travel grant recipient, etc.). Please contact us to request such a letter to be written for you.

Please understand that the above is all we can do to support your visa application, and whether the letter from us is sufficient or not to get you a VISA is not under our control.

Also note that the 'invitation letter' such as the one suggested as an alternative to the proof of lodging is something we cannot write for you as it involves legal and economic liability of the signer of the letter.