My carrier path is about mixing industry and academic work. Nowadays, you must have a great combination of research skills and just-get-it-done attitude.

Antonio is a Research Scientist in Web Information Retrieval, working at Microsoft as Principal, Development Manager for Bing, and coordinating all the Development activities in London, U.K, Paris, France and Wroclaw, Poland. His team works on Global technolgies for International and U.S markets.

Previously, Antonio served as CTO, Europe and UK for Ask.com search engine. He started with a small team of people soon expanded into the first Ask.com European R&D Center. Pisa has been selected as location (1, 2).  He served as GM and Director of Advanced Search Products, managing different teams of people in U.S. and in Europe. He led many projects and delivered products including Image search, News search, Fresh related search suggestions, Realtime Q&A (co-lead), Realtime web search from News and Blogs, and News video search (lead) and gave contribution to IndexGenV2.  He received the 2007 IAC Emerging Leader award, and 2006 IAC Horizon Award, for being a top performer above and beyond the expectation.

Before joining Ask.com, Antonio served as CEO of Ideare S.p.a, one of the first search companies in Europe. Antonio co-founded Ideare and sold the company to Tiscali, a public company quoted on the Italian and France stock markets. Ideare had a ROI of 44.21%.

Back in 1997-2000, Antonio co-developed Arianna, the first Italian search engine and collaborated with Fireball, the first German search engine

I took my Ph.D. in Computer Science, my Master in Computer Science and my Master in Engineering in Pisa, Italy. This city is probably less fancy than other Europen places, but the quality of the Talent available there is very high and relevant. Many of my ex-colleagues are now working for large corporations like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon or they have created startups world-wide.

Extended CV available in PDF, see also my LinkedIn profile and my codingplayground blog