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Hi my name is Francesco Nidito and I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Dipartimento di Informatica of Pisa University in 2008.

During my Ph.D., I worked on topology control and data load-balancing in wireless sensor networks. My Ph.D. thesis is about the influence of non-uniformity in wireless sensor networks: if you are not able to sleep, this is the link.

While still a student, I started working for R&D office in Pisa where I worked on multimedia indexing (mainly images) and news search.

For the Image Search, my job was to create and implement new ideas/algorithms for the processing of multimedia content and the features extraction from such documents.

For the News Search, I was one of the maintainers of part of the crawling infrastructure for the videos used in News search.

Moreover, I implemented various systems to monitor the execution of our processing infrastructure: 24/7 thousands of machines.

In November 2009, I joined the Search Technology Center of London working for Bing... yes, another search engine.

Just to maintain the good habits, I continued working on Multimedia search, focusing on the relevance/ranking of the results and on the triggering logic of the Multimedia instant answer (the one that presents images and videos inside the page of web results).

In 2010, I become the Development Lead of the Multimedia relevance team in London.

At the end of 2014, I resigned from Microsoft and concluded my adventure in the Search Engines land…

… not really as my new job is in Bloomberg LP with focus on News Search relevance😉

Apart from my current work and past Ph.D., I am also interested in Operating Systems topics such as multi-threading and concurrency; Object Oriented programming; scripting and meta-programming (both template meta-programming and generative programming).


After a long silence, some thoughts about Big Irons and why they still have a place in a market gone crazy for scaling out instead of scaling up.

Thanks to a reader, a bug in the code of Exceptions in C with Longjmp and Setjmp has been fixed now!

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