Curriculum Vitae

A copy of this CV is available for download in PDF and I am present on LinkedIn as well..

Personal Data


Bloomberg LP

Software Development Engineer
Research&Development Department, London (UK)
January 2015∼Present

Summary — I am a Software Engineer in the R&D News Search team in the London office of Bloomberg LP where I focus on the relevance aspects of the news search. My day by day work involves the classification, clustering and ranking of the news that are requested by our customers through the Bloomberg Terminal — Microsoft ltd

Senior Software Development Engineer
Search Technology Center, London (UK)
November 2009∼December 2014

Summary — In my work at, I served in many different teams with the role of individual contributor (IC) and as a development leader (DL). I have been working in:

In all my roles at, I have been actively involved, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, in the research of new solution and techniques with a particular attention to temporal data analysis, NLP and compressed data structures.

Moreover, I have been coordinator of hiring for all the Bing office for atmost 3 years.

Senior Software Engineer R&D Office, Pisa (Italy)
October 2007∼July 2009

Summary — During my work at the R&D Office in Pisa, I worked on a variety of different projects. I was involved in both the Image and News search. In Image Search, I was involved in the image processing for feature extraction and engineering (face recognition, etc.). In News Search, I was involved in the crawling and reverse-templating/text-extraction parts of the system. Morover, I was involved in the development of the tools used for the 24/7 monitoring and alert of our distributed processing system.


Technical Skills

Software Projects

I love programming and I love learning new things. I do believe that the better and only way to learn is learning-by-doing. The following ones are some of the projects that I did, or that I am still doing, that were originated by for personal curiosity of study needs:

Teaching Activities

During my Ph.D. and internship at the Northeastern University, I had the occasion to be a teaching assistant and/or present topics to students during classes. The topics that I presented were:

Technical Writing

I do not run a blog, anyway, I like writing about technological topics and my "posts" can be found in the Documents section of this web-site.

Research Activity

During my Ph.D., my research area was the one of Wireless Sensors Networks. A list of publications can be found in the Publications section of this web-site.