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Hi my name is Francesco Nidito and I got my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Dipartimento di Informatica of Pisa University in 2008.

During my Ph.D., I worked on topology control and data load-balancing in wireless sensor networks. My Ph.D. thesis is about the influence of non-uniformity in wireless sensor networks: if you are not able to sleep, this is the link.

While still a student, I started working for R&D office in Pisa where I worked on multimedia indexing (mainly images) and news search.

For the Image Search, my job was to create and implement new ideas/algorithms for the processing of multimedia content and the features extraction from such documents.

For the News Search, I was one of the maintainers of part of the crawling infrastructure for the videos used in News search.

Moreover, I implemented various systems to monitor the execution of our processing infrastructure: 24/7 thousands of machines.

In November 2009, I joined the Search Technology Center of London working for Bing... yes, another search engine.

Just to maintain the good habits, I continued working on Multimedia search, focusing on the relevance/ranking of the results and on the triggering logic of the Multimedia instant answer (the one that presents images and videos inside the page of web results).

In 2010, I become the Development Lead of the Multimedia relevance team in London.

Apart from my current work and past Ph.D., I am also interested in Operating Systems topics such as multi-threading and concurrency; Object Oriented programming; scripting and meta-programming (both template meta-programming and generative programming).


My last post, after too much time, is again about programming… in the practical sense: Minesweeper in Perl/Tk. I was stuck one day at home and I decided to implement Minesweeper in Perl and Tk. Probably not worth the effort and the time but it was fun!

Updated version of Replacing Virtual Methods with Templates describing the differences between the presented approach and the Curiously Reoccurring Template Pattern. Changes triggered by a nice conversation with a reader.

PS: Recently I performed three funny tests. Results follow:

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