On the Dimensioning of Ad Hoc Sensor Networks

Authors: Francesco Nidito and Luca Pizziniaco

Comments: 8 pages, 16 figures

In this paper, we address the problem of dimensioning wireless sensors networks in order to guar- antee an expected connectivity. This means finding the minimum number of sensors to guarantee an expected mean connectivity on a given area. We propose an equation which approximates the number of sensors to be dropped in that area in order to achieve a given expected connectivity K. Our equation is generic, and works with any statisical distibution function f(x,y) of the position of nodes on the sensed area. The equation is validated both theoretically and by simulation. In particular, we prove an upper bound for the error introduced by the approximation which is independent of the type of distribution f(x,y). We also simulate the dropping of sensors in a unitary square area with uniform and Gaussian distribution functions and compare the results with the dimensioning suggested by our equation. For a given K, we find that the dimensioning equation produced networks with a mean connectivity of K in 97% of cases.

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