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Chapters in Books

15  ``On the Need for a Neural Abstract Machine'', D. Sona, A. Sperduti, in ``Sequence Learning: Paradigms, Algorithms, and Applications'', Eds. Ron Sun and Lee Giles, LNCS deluxe edition, Springer-Verlag. To appear.
16  ``Learning Techniques for Supervised Fuzzy Classifiers'', F. Masulli, A. Sperduti, in ``Fuzzy Learning and Applications'', Eds. L.C. Jain amd M. Russo, CRC Press, USA. To appear.
17  ``Integration of Graphical-Based Rules with Adaptive Learning of Structured Information''. Frasconi P., Gori M., Sperduti A., in ``Hybrid Neural Symbolic Integration'', Eds. S. Wermter and R. Sun, Springer-Verlag. Vol. 1778, pp. 211-225, 2000.
18  ``From Sequences to Data Structures: Theory and Applications'', Frasconi P., Goller C., Gori M., Kuchler A., Sperduti A., in ``Dynamical Recurrent Networks'', Eds. J. Kolen and S.C. Kremer, IEEE Press. To appear.
19  ``A Tutorial on Neurocomputing of Structures'', A. Sperduti, in Knowledge-based Neurocomputing, Ed. J. Zurada and I. Cloete, MIT Press. pp. 117-154, 2000.
20  ``A Neural-based System for the Automatic Classification and Follow-up of Diabetic Retinopsthies'', Starita A., Sperduti A., In ``Artificial Neural Networks in Biomedicine'', Eds. E. Ifeachor and P. Lisboa, Springer-Verlag. pp. 233-247, 2000.
21  ``Recursive Neural Networks for Processing Data Structures'', A. Sperduti, in Adaptive Processing of Temporal Information, Ed. C. L. Giles and M. Gori. LNAI 1387, Springer-Verlag, pp. 121-144, 1998.
22  ``Distributed representations for terms in hybrid reasoning systems'', A. Sperduti, A. Starita, C. Goller. in Connectionist Symbolic Integration, Ed. R. Sun and F. Alexandre, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Chapter 18, pp. 329-344. 1997.

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