List of courses, a.y. 2012/2013

Undergraduate programme in Computer Science

Year of course: Sem: Credits:






008AA AlL 122 Algorithmics and laboratory - Courses: (A, B)
005AA AM 91-2 Mathematical Analysis - Courses: (A, B)
267AA AE 91-2 Computer Architectures - Courses: (A, B)
244AA BD 61 Principles of Data Bases - Courses: (A, B)
268AA CC 91 Computability and abstract complexity
269AA CPS 61 Probability theory and statistics
027AA CN 61 Numerical analysis - Courses: (A, B)
245AA CRI 61 Introduction to criptography
003BB CMS 61-2 Scientific method and culture
312PP EA 61 Business economics
246AA ECC 61 Introduction to computability and abstract complexity
247AA ESP 62 Programming experiences
002BB FIS 62 Physics - Courses: (A, B)
248AA GR 62 Network management
271AA IS 61 Software Engineering - Courses: (A, B)
251AA IUM 92 Human-Computer Interaction
252AA IIA 92 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
253AA LAI 62 Programming Internet Applications
254AA LBD 62 Database laboratory
009AA LpP 61 Logic of Programs - Courses: (A, B)
255AA LOG 61 Introduction to logistics
264AA MVL 62 Virtualization
006AA MD 121-2 Discrete Mathematics - Courses: (A, B)
257AA PI 6 1 User interface programming
Borrowed from:
251AA   Human-Computer Interaction
007AA PRL 121 Introduction to programming. - Courses: (A, B)
273AA Pr2 92 Computer programming - Courses: (A, B)
274AA RCL 121-2 Introduction to networking: theory and practice - Courses: (A, B)
029AA RO 62 Mathematical programming - Courses: (A, B)
259AA SIM 62 Simulation Modelling and Analysis
260AA SIT 61 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
277AA SOL 121-2 Operating Systems and System Programming Practice
530AA SAM 61 Mobile applications development
262AA TI 62 Information theory
263AA VVS 61 Software: testing and validation

Information provided by the department unit for Education (source ROSI)