List of courses, a.y. 2010/2011

Undergraduate programme in Computer Science

Year of course: Sem: Credits:






008AA AlL 122 Algorithmics and laboratory - Courses: (A, B)
005AA AM 91-2 Mathematical Analysis - Courses: (A, B)
267AA AE 91-2 Computer Architectures - Courses: (A, B)
244AA BD 61 Principles of Data Bases - Courses: (A, B)
268AA CC 91 Computability and abstract complexity
269AA CPS 61 Probability theory and statistics
027AA CN 61 Numerical analysis - Courses: (A, B)
245AA CRI 62 Introduction to criptography
003BB CMS 61 Scientific method and culture
312PP EA 61 Business economics
246AA ECC 61 Introduction to computability and abstract complexity
247AA ESP 62 Programming experiences
002BB FIS 62 Physics
248AA GR 62 Network management
271AA IS 61 Software Engineering - Courses: (A, B)
251AA IUM 92 Human-Computer Interaction
252AA IIA 92 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
253AA LAI 62 Programming Internet Applications
254AA LBD 62 Database laboratory
009AA LpP 61 Logic of Programs - Courses: (A, B)
255AA LOG 61 Introduction to logistics
006AA MD 121-2 Discrete Mathematics
257AA PI 6 1 User interface programming
Borrowed from:
    User interface programming
007AA PRL 121 Introduction to programming. - Courses: (A, B)
273AA Pr2 92 Computer programming - Courses: (A, B)
274AA RCL 121-2 Introduction to networking: theory and practice - Courses: (A, B)
029AA RO 62 Mathematical programming
259AA SIM 62 Simulation Modelling and Analysis
260AA SIT 61 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
277AA SOL 121-2 Operating Systems and System Programming Practice - Courses: (A, B)
262AA TI 62 Information theory
263AA VVS 61 Software: testing and validation

Information provided by the department unit for Education (source ROSI)