List of courses, a.y. 2013/2014

Master programme in Computer Science

Year of course: Sem: Credits:






314AA AlP 61 Parallel and distributed algorithms
315AA ABI 62 Algorithms for bioinformatics
316AA ALG2 91 Advanced algorithms
317AA AV 62 Virtual Environments
320AA AA1 61 Machine Learning: fundamentals
322AA BSD 6 1 Decision Support Data Bases
Borrowed from:
324AA BD2 92 Advanced Data Base Systems
332AA DMA 6 2 Data Mining: advanced topics and applications
Borrowed from:
    Data mining: advanced aspects and applications
335AA DMF 6 1 Data Mining: foundations
Borrowed from:
    Data mining: foundations
337AA ELN 62 Natural Language Processing
340AA ESI 61 Signal and Image Processing
532AA HPC 91 High performance computing
289AA IR 61 Information Retrieval
353AA LBI 6 1 Business Intelligence laboratory
Borrowed from:
    Business Intelligence laboratory
363AA LMC 62 Laboratory of computational mathematics
293AA MFS 62 Security methods and verification
371AA MNO 121-2 Numerical methods and optimization
295AA MPB 6 1 Methods for the specification and verification of business processes
Borrowed from:
    Business processes modelling
375AA MOD 92 Principles for software composition
534AA PAD 61 Distributed enabling platforms
379AA PLP 121-2 Principle of Programming Languages
479AA PIV 61 Interface design and usability evaluation
301AA PA 91 Advanced programming
384AA RMC 62 Cellular Mobile Networks
386AA RHS 62 Mobile ad hoc networks and wireless sensor networks
388AA STT 62 Semantics and Type theory
389AA SS 6 1 Software Services
Borrowed from:
290AA   Advanced software engineering
303AA SR 92 ICT risk assessment
305AA SPM 91 Parallel and Distributed Systems: paradigms and models
261AA P2P 61 Peer to peer systems and blockchains
535AA SPD 62 Programming tools for parallel and distributed systems
402AA TAS 62 Static Analysis Techniques

Information provided by the department unit for Education (source ROSI)