List of courses, a.y. 2013/2014

Master programme in Computer Science and Networking

Year of course: Sem: Credits:






314AA AlP 61 Parallel and distributed algorithms
130II AVR 61 Networked virtual environments
143II AOS 91 Optical amplification and sensing
144II ACS 92 Networking architectures, components and services
145II AED 62 Packet switching and processing architectures
579II ARW 62 Performance and design issues of wireless networks
571AA CSA 61 Parallel Scientific Computing
148II CF 91-2 Photonic switching
580II FSR 121-2 Fundamentals of signals, systems and networks
149II GCR 91-2 Network management and configuration
532AA HPC 91 High performance computing
289AA IR 61 Information Retrieval
531AA ALE 92 Algorithm Engineering
290AA ISS 91 Advanced software engineering
290II IT 92 Teletraffic engineering
581II LPA 61 Routing Architectures and protocolos lab
151II LSF 61 Lab of Photonic Systems
533AA MOR 62 Network optimization methods
293AA MFS 62 Security methods and verification
295AA MPB 6 1 Methods for the specification and verification of business processes
Borrowed from:
    Business processes modelling
375AA MOD 92 Principles for software composition
534AA PAD 61 Distributed enabling platforms
517AA PSW 62 Problemi di sicurezza in applicazioni web
301AA PA 91 Advanced programming
521II POA 62 Applied optocs and propagation
158II RTT 91-2 Networks and technologies for telecommunications
646II RWE 62 Wireless networks of embedded systems
303AA SR 92 ICT risk assessment
305AA SPM 91 Parallel and Distributed Systems: paradigms and models
159II SE 61 Embedded systems
261AA P2P 61 Peer to peer systems and blockchains
160II SRT 61 Real-time systems
535AA SPD 62 Programming tools for parallel and distributed systems
582II TCO 91-2 Optical communicationtheory and techniques

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