List of courses, a.y. 2015/2016

Master programme in Business Informatics

Year of course: Sem: Credits:






008AA AlL 122 Algorithmics and laboratory - Courses: (A, B)
414AA AD 6 2 Data analysis
Borrowed from:
    Data analysis
416AA ARI 6 2 ICT risk analysis
Borrowed from:
303AA   ICT risk assessment
417AA APA 121 Business perfomance analysis
589AA ARS 62 Social Network Analysis
265PP AGC 92 Analisi e gestione dei costi
202PP ARM 92 Analysis and marketing research
320AA AA1 61 Machine Learning: fundamentals
244AA BD 61-2 Principles of Data Bases - Courses: (C, D)
600AA BSD 61 Decision Support Databases
411AA BSA 62 Database structures and algorithms
599AA BDA 61 Big Data Analytics
566AA BIP 61 Business Intelligence and Performance Management
420AA DM 121-2 Data Mining
058NN DIR 61 Computer law
018PP EA2 91 Business Administration
049PP EGI 92 Economia e gestione delle imprese - Corso B
149PP EP 9 2 Microeconomics
Borrowed from:
289AA IR 61 Information Retrieval
271AA IS 62 Software Engineering - Courses: (A, B)
596AA 6 2 Introduzione all'intelligenza artificiale
Borrowed from:
252AA   Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
588AA LAD 61 Laboratory on algorithms for Big Data
253AA LAI 62 Programming Internet Applications
254AA LBD 62 Database laboratory
009AA LpP 61 Logic of Programs - Courses: (A, B)
255AA LOG 61 Introduction to logistics
597AA MD 6 2 Discrete Mathematics
Borrowed from:
    Discrete Mathematics - Courses: (A, B)
601AA MGM 62 Model-Driven Decision-Making Methods
533AA MOR 62 Network optimization methods
096PP OA 62 Business organization
278PP PCG 91 Planning and management control
007AA PRL 121 Introduction to programming. - Courses: (A, B)
274AA RCL 121-2 Introduction to networking: theory and practice - Courses: (A, B)
029AA RO 61 Mathematical programming - Courses: (A, B)
389AA SS 6 1 Software Services
Borrowed from:
290AA   Advanced software engineering
260AA SIT 62 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
261AA P2P 61 Peer to peer systems and blockchains
412PP STI 6 2 Statistics for Computer Science
Borrowed from:
537AA TWM 62 Technologies for Web Marketing
602AA VA 62 Visual Analytics

Information provided by the department unit for Education (source ROSI)