List of courses, a.y. 2017/2018

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641AA AD 92 WIF-LM Advanced databases
642AA ALD 91 WIF-LM Algorithm design
008AA AlL 122 INF-L Algorithmics and laboratory - Courses: (A, B)
417AA APA 121 WBI-LM Business perfomance analysis
265PP AGC 92 WSG-LM Analisi e gestione dei costi
202PP ARM 91 WMR-LM Analysis and marketing research
005AA AM 91 INF-L Mathematical Analysis - Courses: (A, B)
001MA 121-2 WBE-LM Applied Brain Science
267AA AE 91 INF-L Computer Architectures - Courses: (A, B)
144II ACS 92 WTW-LM Networking architectures, components and services
145II AED 62 WTW-LM Packet switching and processing architectures
643AA AIF 61 WIF-LM Artificial intelligence fundamentals
484PP AMC 62 WSG-LM Auditing and management control
244AA BD 62 INF-L Principles of Data Bases - Courses: (A, B)
599AA BDA 61 WBI-LM Big Data Analytics
644AA BIO 62 WIF-LM Bioinformatics
269AA CPS 61 INF-L Probability theory and statistics - Courses: (A, B)
027AA CN 62 INF-L Numerical analysis - Courses: (A, B)
571AA CSA 61 WTW-LM Parallel Scientific Computing
633AA CGC 62 INF-L Cloud and green computing
148II CF 91-2 WTW-LM Photonic switching
645AA CPC 61 WIF-LM Competitive programming and contests
646AA MAT 91 WIF-LM Computational mathematics for learning and data analysis
245AA CRI 61 INF-L Introduction to criptography
420AA DM 121-2 WBI-LM Data Mining
309AA DM 91 WIF-LM Data Mining
662AA DSD 61 WBI-LM Decision support databases
488AA DCC 61 Decisions, complexity and conflicts
058NN DIR 61 WBI-LM Computer law
018PP EA2 91 EAZ-L Business Administration
020PP 61 BFM-L Economia dei mercati finanziari
049PP EGI 92 EAZ-L Economia e gestione delle imprese - Corso B
246AA ECC 61 INF-L Introduction to computability and abstract complexity
002BB FIS 62 INF-L Physics - Courses: (A, B)
580II FSR 121-2 WTW-LM Fundamentals of signals, systems and networks
648AA FC 62 WIF-LM Foundation of computing
248AA GR 62 INF-L Network management
149II GCR 91-2 WTW-LM Network management and configuration
532AA HPC 91 WTW-LM High performance computing
649AA HLT 92 WIF-LM Human language technologies
650AA ICT 61 WIF-LM ICT infrastructures
289AA IR 61 WIF-LM Information Retrieval
531AA ALE 91 WTW-LM Algorithm Engineering
290AA ISS 91 WTW-LM Advanced software engineering
271AA IS 62 INF-L Software Engineering - Courses: (A, B)
290II IT 92 WTW-LM Teletraffic engineering
651AA ISP 62 WIF-LM Intelligent Systems for pattern recognition
586AA IIA 62 INF-L Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
254AA LBD 62 INF-L Database laboratory
581II LPA 62 WTW-LM Routing Architectures and protocolos lab
151II LSF 61 WTW-LM Lab of Photonic Systems
653AA LCI 92 WIF-LM Languages, compilers and interpreters
009AA LpP 61 INF-L Logic of Programs - Courses: (A, B)
255AA LOG 61 WBI-LM Introduction to logistics
654AA ML 91 WIF-LM Machine learning
585AA MA 122 INF-L Discrete Mathematics and Linear Algebra - Courses: (A, B)
533AA MOR 62 WTW-LM Network optimization methods
293AA MFS 62 WTW-LM Security methods and verification
655AA MCS 92 WIF-LM Mobile and cyber-physical systems
666AA MAK 62 WBI-LM Model-driven decision making methods
375AA MOD 92 WIF-LM Principles for software composition
357PP 92 EAZ-L Business organization
278PP PCG 91 WSG-LM Planning and management control
534AA PAD 61 WTW-LM Distributed enabling platforms
558II 62 WIT-LM Progetti di reti wireless e servizi multimediali
634AA PAV 61 WBI-LM Programmatic advertising
301AA PA 91 WTW-LM Advanced programming
257AA PI 61 INF-L User interface programming
007AA PRL 121 INF-L Introduction to programming. - Courses: (A, B)
273AA Pr2 91 INF-L Computer programming - Courses: (A, B)
667AA PDS 121 WBI-LM Programming for data science
608II 121 WCS-LM Real time and Distributed systems
274AA RCL 121 INF-L Introduction to networking: theory and practice - Courses: (A, B)
158II RTT 92 WTW-LM Networks and technologies for telecommunications
646II RWE 62 WTW-LM Wireless networks of embedded systems
029AA RO 61 INF-L Mathematical programming - Courses: (A, B)
387AA ROB 62 WIF-LM Robotics
656AA SLV 61 WIF-LM Scientific and large data visualization
657AA SW 61 WIF-LM Semantic web
563AA SEC 62 INF-L Security in ICT Systems
303AA SR 92 WTW-LM ICT risk assessment
305AA SPM 92 WTW-LM Parallel and Distributed Systems: paradigms and models
277AA SOL 122 INF-L Operating Systems and System Programming Practice - Courses: (A, B)
261AA P2P 62 WIF-LM Peer to peer systems and blockchains
668AA SNA 62 WBI-LM Social network analysis
500PP SMD 62 WBI-LM Statistical methods for data science
787II SCI 61 WBI-LM Strategic and competitive intelligence
535AA SPD 62 WTW-LM Programming tools for parallel and distributed systems
530AA SAM 62 INF-L Mobile applications development
403AA TDP 61 WIF-LM Design patterns
537AA TWM 62 WBI-LM Technologies for Web Marketing
262AA TI 62 INF-L Information theory
635AA TXA 61 WBI-LM Text Analytics
602AA VA 62 WBI-LM Visual Analytics

Legenda CdS

  • BFM-L : Undergraduate programme in Banking, Finance and Financial Markets
  • EAZ-L : Undergraduate programme in Business Economics
  • INF-L : Undergraduate programme in Computer Science
  • WBE-LM : Graduate programme in Bionics Engineering
  • WBI-LM : Graduate programme in Business Informatics
  • WCS-LM : Graduate programme in Embedded Computing Systems
  • WIF-LM : Graduate programme in Computer Science
  • WIT-LM : Graduate programme in Telecommunications Engineering
  • WMR-LM : Graduate programme in Marketing and Market Research
  • WSG-LM : Graduate programme in Strategy, Management and Control
  • WTW-LM : Graduate programme in Computer Science and Networking

Information provided by the department unit for Education (source ROSI)