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The Department runs a PhD programme in Computer Science, in cooperation with the University of Firenze and the University of Siena. The goal of our three-years PhD programme in Computer Science is to foster post-graduate education of researchers and innovators in Information Technology.

Our Alumni are employed in academic and research positions, as well as in R&D positions in industry and the public sector, in Italy and worldwide.

We seek for prospective candidates, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Candidates are expected to have a general knowledge of Computer Science theory and applications, together with a in-depth knowledge of some research topics connected to Computer Science.

The core activity of PhD students is research. There is however a moderate class activity, taught in English, usually by top-ranked international scientists. Candidates without a formal education in Computer Science might be required to follow some preparatory classes during the first year. A PhD student may be offered to experience a light teaching duty in undergraduated programmes.

Admitted applicants are expected to pursue research in one of the groups of the Department, as well as in other Pisan institutions and research centres, that are active in almost all the fields of Computer Science and in multi-disciplinary areas. Also, PhD students will benefit from the rich interactions with international research projects and cooperations these groups are involved in, also through joint PhD programmes.