PhD news

This year's cycle of the Ph.D. Mauriana Pesaresi Seminars is organized by Francesca Pratesi and Simone Zenzaro.

The Convecs team of Inria and LIG is offering a post-doctoral position.

For more information see:

Inria / LIG - Convecs, Inovallee 38334 St-Ismier Cedex,
FRANCE Tel: (+33) 4 76 61 53 52, Fax: (+33) 4 76 61 52 52

PhD student
Date Time Room
Rossetti 13-Dec 12.15 seminari Est
Bartoloni 16-Dec 11.00 seminari Est
Girolami 16-Dec 12.00 seminari Est
Cintia 16-Dec 13.00 seminari Est
Guidi 16-Dec 15.00 seminari Ovest
Basile 17-Dec 10.00 seminari Est
Micale 17-Dec 11.00 seminari Est
Zenzaro 17-Dec 12.00 seminari Est
Triolo 18-Dec 9.30 seminari Est
Canciani 20-Dec 9.30 seminari Est

The vacancy announcement [the post of Director of the UNU-IIST] was advertised from 19 November 2013 with a closing date of 15 January 2014. Please see link below, as well as the attached vacancy announcement and leaflet.